Redesign Every Area Of Your Home

Get whole-home remodeling services in Woodland Hills & Monrovia, CA and the entire Southern California area

Maybe you want to update the flooring in your family room. But you don't want mismatched floors in the rest of your house. If your remodeling project will end up covering your entire home, turn to Sweven Remodel Inc. We provide whole-home remodeling services in the Woodland Hills & Monrovia, CA area and will make the process smooth and simple.

You can hire our experienced team to update any part of your home, including the flooring, paint, plumbing and electric. By redesigning your kitchen, bathrooms and living areas, you can create a brand-new home with the style and functionality you want. Find out more by calling our kitchen and bathroom remodeler today at 866-479-3836.

How the process works

A big remodeling project doesn't have to be stressful. Sweven Remodel will help you through every step to make the project as easy as possible. You will...

  • Meet with our kitchen and bathroom remodeler to plan out the changes you want
  • See an example of the final result to make sure you'll love the updates before the work begins
  • Sit back and relax while our skilled team redesigns your house for you

Arrange for whole-home remodeling services by calling 866-479-3836 now.